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ISR Self-Rescue ®
These are the ISR lessons discussed on the ISR website. 
Infant Floaters transitioning to "swim-float-swim" will also need to select these "Self-Rescue" lessons, all scheduled for six weeks.  Plan seven on your calendar in case of weather changes.
These lessons are for children who have completed survival lessons AND learned to swim. 

***If your child was under one year of age last year and learned to Float ONLY, this is not the correct lesson type; please choose Self Rescue lessons for 6 weeks instead. 

As the name implies, these lessons enable the children to "Refresh" the skills that they have already learned. Students attend lessons Monday-Friday for ten minutes each day. Since these skills are not new to the children, refresher lessons usually take approximately 3 (three) weeks.   

One week booking only.   These lessons are for children who are at least 4 years of age, are comfortable and confident with their survival skills and who are developmentally ready for stroke.    **Prior I.S.R. participation and I.S.R. update required.

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