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ISR Self-Rescue® New Student
These are the standard ISR lessons discussed on my website and are for students who have not previously been fully skilled in ISR or those that are now old enough to learn the full ISR swim-float-swim sequence. These lessons typically take between 6-8 weeks or 30-40 lessons.

ISR Self-Rescue® Refresher
These lessons are for students who have already completed survival lessons. As the name implies, these lessons enable students to "refresh" the skills that they have already learned. Students attend lessons daily Monday through Friday for ten minutes each day. Since these skills are not new to students, refresher lessons usually take approximately 3-4 weeks or 15-20 lessons.

*If your child is coming back to learn the full ISR swim-float-swim sequence, he/she will be considered a "new student" and will need 6-8 weeks of lessons. Please reach out to me if you are unsure.