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ISR Self-Rescue ®
These are the standard ISR lessons discussed on the  ISR website. These lessons usually take six to eight weeks to complete.National website:

Lessons are always one-on-one and instruction is tailored to every childs individual skill and comfort level. We do not have group lessons because we believe that your child should have our undivided attention. We customize lesson plans to ensure that they are the safest and most efficient lessons for every student. We want each child to experience success and use positive reinforcement to recognize each accomplishment, no matter how small. The parent, or caregiver, watches every lesson from the poolside and involvement is strongly encouraged.

Students attend 10-minute lessons every Monday-Friday (five lessons per week). The reason for this is multifaceted. First, repetition and consistency are crucial elements of learning for young children. Second, most children will not be able to focus on the detailed tasks for longer and we want to take advantage of the best time for learning.

Babies 6-12 months of age are taught the rollback-to-float sequence. These young children learn from their physical environment. We honor this method of learning through sensorimotor teaching techniques. Through this process the child is taught breath control, correct floating posture, and the skills to attain a back float and remain floating for varied periods of time. Lessons typically last approximately 6 weeks, but some babies may need a little less or a little more time. Your child must be crawling and rolling both ways and sitting independently on land in order to begin lessons.

Children older than 12-14 months who are walking are taught the swim-float-swim sequenceswimming in a facedown position, using his/her arms and legs and rolling onto the back to a survival float when the need for air is sensed (usually after swimming for 3-4 seconds). After taking a short break on their back they will then flip back to the belly and be able to swim again if they so choose. We teach using behavioral psychology, sensorimotor learning and positive reinforcement to make the otherwise unforgiving water environment safe for your child to learn what will work to allow them to make progress while swimming and obtain air when needed. ISR has numerous safety protocols to provide the safest possible lesson. It typically takes 6 weeks to learn the swim-float-swim sequence. The exact length of time varies since every lesson is uniquely tailored to each child and all children are different. Typically older children between 4-6 years of age will complete lessons in a shorter period of time.

Enrolling your child:

With a focus on providing your child with the safest and most effective lessons possible, ISR has developed our national registration process. The registration/processing fee is $105 per new student or $35/child for returning ISR students. This process provides ISR with an in depth look at your childs health, medical history, and aquatic environment. Your childs registration information is kept confidential and reviewed by ISR certified instructor.

New student information:
$105 for registration, $100 per week