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5 lessons for $125.00, expires 6 months after purchase

These lessons are for children who have already completed survival lessons or if you are scheduling a make-up lesson. These Drop-in lessons enable the children to practice the skills that they have already learned. Students attend lessons once every few weeks. Since these skills are not new to the children, Drop-in lessons are 15 minutes each

Parent-Tot Class
6 lessons for $63.00, expires 12 months after purchase


(6 months-28 months) Parent-Tot classes are designed for parents (or other caretakers) to partner with Heidi to help their baby learn floating, submersion, mouth closure, and breath control. This provides a gentler introduction to the Little Dippers Survival Swim program as the classes move at a slower pace and provide an element of fun throughout the lesson! Up to 6 students per class.

Our highly  sought after Survival Swim 25 lessons program for JUST $400.00 (THATS $16.00 a lesson!) 

These lessons are good for Infant
Survival, Swim, Float, Survive, and Stroke Development Lessons 

Expires 12 months after purchase

We are very concentrated on each child as a whole and always meet every child where they are emotionally and developmentally. This way, every child of every ability will find success while learning this life-saving skill. 

2, 3, or 4 days a week for 25 lessons. 

Proficiently where skill and confidence typically meet happens anywhere from 20-30 lessons. 

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