Have you ever seen a young toddler swim across a pool? Our swim-float-swim program is designed for children who are walking and up.  Toddlers and younger children will learn to swim a short distance with their face in the water, roll onto their back to rest whenever they need to breathe, then to flip back onto their bellies to continue to swim to safety.

We are very concentrated on each child as a whole and always meet every child where they are emotionally and developmentally. This way, every child of every ability will find success while learning this life-saving skill. 

2, 3, or 4 days a week for 25 lessons. 

Proficiently where skill and confidence typically meet happens anywhere from 20-30 lessons. 

DROP-IN'S Packages
These lessons are for children who have already completed survival lessons or if you are scheduling a make-up lesson. These Drop-in lessons enable the children to practice the skills that they have already learned. Students attend lessons once every few weeks. Since these skills are not new to the children, Drop-in lessons are 15 minutes each


(6 months-28 months) Parent-Tot classes are designed for parents (or other caretakers) to partner with Heidi to help their baby learn floating, submersion, mouth closure, and breath control. This provides a gentler introduction to the Little Dippers Survival Swim program as the classes move at a slower pace and provide an element of fun throughout the lesson! Up to 6 students per class.

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