About the WebAccomplice Scheduler...

The WebAccomplice Scheduler is a tool for instructors that was set up to handle the administrative duties that any instructor will encounter. This leaves the instructor with more time and energy to focus on his or her students!

Your Scheduler will consist of two distinctive parts:

The "Parent Pages" - This is the portion of your Scheduler that your parents will be able to view online. The Scheduler will display your schedule and your availability. Parents will be able to sign their children up for any of your available time slots.
  • You, the instructor determine how many weeks are required for a given lesson type. A student will automatically be signed up for that number of weeks.
  • Parents will be prompted to fill out a student information page which will include items such as the student's age and the parent's contact information.
  • If you choose to do so, you can require the parents to "sign off" on a Release of Liability before the signup process is complete.
  • When the signup process has been completed, both the instructor and the parent will receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email to the parent will include the lesson time and any instructions that you would like to provide to the parent. You can also attach documents (such as lesson guidelines) to the parent's confirmation email. If you require a lesson deposit, you might also want to prompt the parents to proceed to their invoice page so that they can pay their lesson deposit immediately.

The "Admin Pages" - This is the portion of your scheduler where you will manage the schedule, the student information and the accounting information .
  • You will enter your lesson times on these Administrative Pages.
  • Ideally, parents will be signing their children up online, but instructors also have the ability to sign children up from their Administrative Pages.
  • You can email or invoice all of the students scheduled for lessons on a given week.
  • If you have had bad weather, or if a student is taking longer to complete lessons than expected, you can insert an extra week of lessons into the schedule for that student. The start date for all future lessons will automatically be delayed by a week.
  • With the press of a button, you will have a printer-friendly copy of your weekly schedule which will include as much or as little student information as you choose.
  • If you connect your PayPal or Square account to your scheduler, your scheduler will automatically be updated to reflect any payments that your parents have made. (Payments can also be added manually, of course.)
  • You can set up auto-invoicing, so that parents with a balance will automatically receive an invoice on a designated day of the week.
  • You can set up auto-reminders, so that parents will automatically receive a reminder email before their child's lessons begin.

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